Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Ghost of a Thousand - Interview & Giveaway!!

Hi guys, a huge thanks for being the first interview on the new look EBTM! …and a massive congrats on signing for Epitaph in February! How's everyone today & how does it feel to now be stable mates with the likes of Converge, Every Time I Die & Gallows?

Ghost: (Tom Lacey - Vocals)
It feels fucking incredible, and you're forgetting Thursday, Rancid and Hot Water Music too ha ha. No really it’s amazing, we're very, very lucky and very, very proud to be on Epitaph, it’s the ideal home for our record and we're delighted they've got so much faith in us.

New Hope, New Demonstrations is released June 1st, tell us a little about the album, what can we expect & how has the Ghost sound evolved from your 07' debut…The Fight…?

Well, we're covering a lot more ground with NHND, Fight was intentionally a one tone record, just anger for 25 minutes, Hopes has a sadder more disturbing feel, its darker but we've dropped a lot of the hardcore to be replaced with a black hearted rock'n'roll feel. You can expect a real journey, its great broken up into singles but it works best as a whole because it’s so all over the place, we'll put your heart through the wringer by the end.

Do you have a standout track on there, a certain favourite already?

I hate this question because I love them all, at the moment Knees,Toes,Teeth is my favourite it’s like AC/DC if they grew up listening to Slayer, ha ha. It’s just a bad-ass tune.

You recorded the album in Sweden with Pelle Gunnerfeldt (The Hives, Refused), tell us about that experience, how was it to work with Pelle?

Pelle is one of the worlds little miracles, he was very quiet the first few days which I gather is a trend of Northern Swedes, but once we figured out his sense of humour was as unhinged as ours we got on great, he took the record to a very different place to where it was originally, and it just got stranger and stranger. He was the perfect choice in hindsight although we were all pretty nervous to start with because his imagination would just run riot!

You're playing SlamDunk & Download this summer, what else have you got lined up for 09'…UK or European tour at all?

Well, we're playing Reading & Leeds this year and it looks like Sonisphere is going to happen too. Loads of other UK fests and Groezrock was amazing for us so we can’t wait to get back into Europe. So far there’s Stage Dive Fest in Sweden, Oya in Norway, Finnish dates, Pukkelpop and a bunch of others about to get confirmed. We want to be out in Europe as much as possible and this seems like a great start for us.

Are there any bands in particular you're looking forward to playing with over the summer?

We're playing with Millencolin at Stage Dive Fest which will be amazing, for me playing with Mastodon will be a huge deal as I'm head over heels about their new record, to be honest the Gallows and ETID dates are going to be amazing, stoked to get those.

Any bands that have caught your attention recently you'd like to put the spotlight on & recommend we check out?

I would say you should check out Sharks from Leamington Spa who have just started getting a lot of attention, and The Computers who we're friends with, a kick-ass band, and lovely fellas too.

Thanks again guys, we'll be meeting up with you next in Brighton May 16th as part of the Great Escape Festival.

As part of the EBTM relaunch, our friends Ghost of a Thousand have kindly offered a bundle of signed merch. Nice one, thanks guys!
So if you want to get hold of this, all you have to do is answer the following question. What's the name of the new Ghost album due out on June 1st???? Pretty damn easy this one!! Follow the Comps' link below & address the email GHOST COMP...please include your answer & full name in the content. The guys will pick a winner when we hook up with them May 16th.

Competition now closed: winners announced - Cameron Beattie & Leila Bryant - Congratulations!!!

Check out Ghost of a Thousand at the following dates:

: 6 May - Academy 1 w/ Gallows and ETID Manchester, UK
: 8 May - ABC w/ Gallows and ETID Glasgow, UK
: 16 May - Great Escape Festival Brighton, UK
: 21 May - Forum, w/ Gallows & ETID London, UK
: 24 May - University, Slam dunk festival Leeds, UK
: 11 June - The Borderline w/ Alexisonfire London, UK

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