Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Taking Back Sunday - Win signed T'shirts!!!

Recent headliners of Give It A Name Festival & with new album 'New Again' on the way, June 1st - We thought it was a good time to catch up with Taking Back Sunday.

The new album title is more than just that, it's a declaration. "We kicked around a bunch of different titles, but this one always remained top of the list, and that's because it really does feel like a new band," Vocalist Adam Lazzara tells us.

New guitarist Matt Fazzi has undoubtedly contributed to those thoughts, "Bringing Fazzi in, the excitement & the drive to get out there & play for people is just where it was with our first record; it's like that energy, we just bottled it" Lazzara goes on to say.

The band played some pre-release dates where they were able to see first hand the fans' excitement over the new material. To bassist Matt Rubano, it was the perfect way to re-introduce the group to the hardcore TBS devotees after the three years since their last studio effort, 06's 'Louder Now'. "It was the right way to start off this record, which was to re-engage the fan base on a one-to-one, very real, in your face basis".

The mature themes being addressed by Taking Back Sunday in 'New Again' could be one of the most important things about the band in 09'. "Getting all the way to this point with a brilliant new band member & a great new friend with a record that we are all bursting for people to hear, it really feels like we've accomplished something pretty great" Rubano goes on to say, "It represents a year of difficulty & struggle, and at the same time, unbridled exploratory creativity. It's been a really special and important year for us and this record 'New Again' certainly represents that."

"Lonely, Lonely" is one of the songs Lazzara is most proud of on the record. "That song from start to finish is one of the most relentless songs we've written, it's at 10 the whole time," he says. "And to me it moves more like an older rock'n'roll song than something more current or that we've even done in the past."
"It's a tune that's made for the stage, as is 'Sink Into Me.' A drum intro leads into the frenetic, rhythmic vocals punctuated with a repeated 'Hey, Hey, Hey' a la the Ramones. Lazzara can't wait to hear 20'000 fans scream along with that one! "It's a really fun song to play when we rehearse it, so I can't wait to bring that to the people because we put in these gang vocal 'Heys' in it, which takes the energy of the song up even more, so i'm really excited to play that for the people". And oh hell are we looking foward to you guys playing it!!

Ok, so it's competition time, thanks a bunch to Taking Back Sunday for giving a load of signed guys & girls t' for this one, we'll be announcing 2 winners!!!

And all you have to do, is tell us the name of their new album....hhmmmm it's a toughy this one!! Just follow the link below, and give us your answer.

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