Tuesday, 18 August 2009

This City - Free Song Download

I could wax lyrical about This City & tell you how I remember standing outside their practice studio in Brighton thinking to myself big things would surely happen to these guys, it would appear I wasn't wrong.

I'll spare you the details & cut to the chase though, they've recently signed to Epitaph (huge congratulations guys!) & after playing festivals in Austria & Belgium late August they embark on a UK tour 18th September with the Xcerts. EBTM will be giving away free tickets to see them play 02 Academy in Birmingham, October so keep an eye on this blog for further details!

Celebrating the launch of their debut album "We Were Like Sharks", Epitaph & This City are offering everyone this free download of their storming song "With Loaded Guns" Be sure to click the link, turn the damn volume up & let us know what you think. Enjoy!!

Thanks guys, we'll catch up with you on tour!!

Monday, 17 August 2009

H20 @ The Underworld - Review

I love a good hardcore show, and tonights performance has all the hallmarks of one. H2O are one of the longest running and most respected hardcore bands around. Running a slightly more melodic edge than many of their NYHC friends, they bring a healthy dose of hooks and positivity alongside the crunch and breakdowns you'd expect.

Playing a mix of tracks from their lenghty discography, the nicest thing about tonight is the brevity of the set. Often bands with such a big back catalogue feel the need to play gigs that sprawl out for an hour or more, so it's a pleasant change tonight to have a 45min set that is packed with energy and singalongs. A typically too cool london crowd is roused by two fans getting onstage for a wedding proposal and the appearance of Napalm Death's Barney Greenway for a frantic run through Nazi Punks Fuck Off. From then on, the crowd is in the bands hand, and a sea of stage dives is met with deafening chanting as the entire audience joins in on gang vocals that have influenced more bands than I could possibly name.

Words - Whispering Eye

Friday, 14 August 2009

Upcoming Tours

So beyond Reading Festival, there are a bunch of exciting tours happening in the Autumn. Here's a few we're looking forward to especially-

1) Eastpak Antidote tour- Alexisonfire, Anti Flag, Four Year Strong and The Ghost Of A Thousand. I was bummed when Fall Of Troy pulled out of this, but FYS replacing them more than made up for it. Alexis have just released their best album yet, Anti Flag are always fun and TGOAT are probably the most exciting live band in the UK right now. (Keep an eye on the Antidote tour, we're about to announce some amazing news with EBTM'S involvement on this!!)

2) All Time Low/The Audition- Whilst All Time Low's new album wasn't quite the pop punk gem I hoped it would be (weightless is still one of the best singles of recent times), there's no doubt that these guys will nail it live. The Audition are always fun too, and undoubtedly whoever else joins the bill, it's going to be a night of pop punk fun!

3) Bring Me The Horizon/A Day To Remember/August Burns Red- Wow! Now that is a killer bill. BMTH silenced all critics with their Suicide Season album and they have been destroying it live around the globe since. A Day To Remember have to be the scene band of the moment, and August Burns Red are one of the only metal/hardcore bands worth giving a fuck about right now!

4) The Xcerts/This City- dual headline tour from two of the best bands in the UK right now. Check them both out, they're ace!

5) Gallows/Sharks- None more British tour. Gallows are, in my eyes, the best live band on this planet and Sharks are really making a name for themselves. This will be a chaotic little tour that will undoubtedly be full of tension, stories, circle pits and good times. Don't miss out.

Also check out- Fightstar (October), Attack! Attack! (September), Twin Atlantic (Sept/Oct), Funeral For A Friend (Oct), Architects (Oct/Nov), The Used/We Are The Ocean (September).

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Riverboat Gamblers - Interview the Band!!!

Underneath the Owl is the Riverboat Gamblers’ fourth full-length album. Those intimate with the Gamblers’ previous output will hear the garage DIY scrap and brawl of their self-titled first record, the balls-out rock backbone of Something to Crow About, and the personalized pop apocalypse of To the Confusion of Our Enemies. Worry not. Your needs will be met. All of them. There is a xylophone and it’s okay!!

The Gamblers share rock’n’roll that helps people forget what a fucktard their boss is and the ways aplenty the world attacks absolutely. They help their fans lose themselves, if even just until the last bit of sweat evaporates from a soaked shirt, even for just the length of Underneath the Owl’s eleven tracks.

Some folks got church. Some got cooking classes or weight lifting. The Gamblers, a collaborative democracy of a band have themselves and you need them to. Our good friends at Volcom Entertainment (the Gamblers record label) have kindly offered this amazing competition exclusively to EBTM customers, one lucky winner & a friend will get to meet the guys, interview them & have a photoshoot with EBTM's very own professional photographer!

The guys are currently destroying stages on a world tour & will be gracing our shores at Reading/Leeds festivals. Between these two dates, they'll be playing a smaller, more raucous set at the Freebutt, Brighton on August 29th. It's at this venue our lucky winner will get to meet & interview the Gamblers.

To be in with a chance of winning you just need to answer this simple question, what record label are the Gamblers signed to? Please follow the comps' link below, title your email Riverboat Gamblers & include your answer, name, age & contact telephone number.


- Please note, due to age restrictions at the venue, our winner MUST be age 18 or over & provide their own transport to & from the venue (Freebutt, Brighton Aug' 29th)
- By entering this competition, you are agreeing to enter our email newsletter.
- All information provided will be safeguarded.

- Band photo courtesy of Gary Copeland

Catch Riverboat Gamblers on tour at the following European venues:
13 Aug - Oya Festival Medieval Park ,Oslo
15 Aug - Sputnik Halle, Muenster, Nordrhein-Westfalen
16 Aug - Chez Heinz, Hanover
17 Aug - Fear & Fury Festival, Essen
18 Aug - 59:1, Munich
19 Aug - Chelsea, Vienna
20 Aug - Dynamo, Zurich
21 Aug - Zwolfsehn, Stuttgart
22 Aug - Highfield Open Air Festival, Erfurt
23 Aug - Tommyhaus, Berlin
25 Aug - Molotow, Hamburg
26 Aug - Melkweg w/BOUNCING SOULS, Amsterdam
27 Aug - Underground W/BOUNCING SOULS, Cologne
28 Aug - Reading Festival, UK
29 Aug - Freebutt, Brighton
30 Aug - Leeds Festival, UK
1 Sep - Cafe de le Peche w/BOUNCING SOULS, Paris
2 Sep - Entrepotw/BOUNCING SOULS, Brugge
3 Sep - Groningen

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Madina Lake - Single Release & Competition!!!

Kerrang! Award Nominees MADINA LAKE released their new single LET’S GET OUTTA HERE this week and announced they will be returning to the UK after their Reading/Leeds festival appearance as special guests to Papa Roach on their upcoming UK tour!

In celebration the guys have given us some goodie bags to give away, each containing a poster, sticker, badge, phone charm and copy of the current album Attics To Eden!!

Check out the video to the new single in the player below and you can also go behind the scenes of the shoot, which took place right here in the UK.



Pick up the new single now...

Madina Lake - Let's Get Outta Here - Single

We have 5 of these goody bags to give away and to be in with a chance of winning simply follow the comps link below, title your email Madina Lake & please leave your name, age & contact telephone number. Nice & simple, we're not even asking you a question this time!!


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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Cheer Up! Clothing - Win A Signed Goody Bag!!!

To coincide with the arrival & launch of Cheer Up! Clothing at EBTM we decided to catch up with the guys responsible, Matt Barnes (You Me At Six) and Edward Thomas (Me And The Moon). This sweat-shop free brand combines top quality design and great music and is worn throughout by Hit The Lights, You Me At Six, The Spill Canvas, We Are The Ocean, My American Heart & More!!

The guys have also kindly offered a bundle of goodies to give away to one lucky winner (includes Cheer Up! Hoody, Tee, signed You Me At 6 poster & album). Great stuff, just read through the interview & answer the question at the end, nice & easy :)

Why Fashion and not something else? - Matt
We believe music and fashion go perfectly together. We really try to associate Cheer Up! with music we love and listen to ourselves. Being in bands ourselves, we are essentially the customer so we really feel we know how to appeal to the market perfectly.

How did it all start? Did you have a mega small budget? - Ed
We started the company on a budget of £500. Myself and Matt chipped in £250 each and decided thats all that we could afford. Being such good friends we had always spoken about running some sort of company with one another. Managing a clothing company is something we knew we would be good at so we went with it!

Did you / do you hold down other jobs? - Ed
We both try and give the company as much time as possible. We are both in bands and that alone is time consuming. As we spend so much of our free time together we find our selves working on the company even on a night out. We really do take Cheer Up seriously and consider it our 'Job' alongside from the music.

How Important is the internet to the success of the company? - Matt
Being a online based company that delivers means that anyone, anywhere can get hold of your products. We are able to talk to our customers, find out what they want and just connect with them. It makes things so much easier and really helps things along. Without the internet we would have had to go down a very different route, so as it stands, the internet is very important to the success of Cheer Up!

Most extravagant purchase since making it big in the clothing industry ? - Matt
I have bought the entire collection of Steven Segal DVDs and Ed is saving up for a bed. Exciting stuff!

Ok, so here's all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning the Cheer Up! Clothing & You Me At 6 signed goodies, just tell us the names of the two guys responsible for creating Cheer Up! Clothing. Just follow the competition link below, title your email Cheer Up! and leave your answer, age & contact telephone number.


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Monday, 3 August 2009

Win - Spy Catcher Party Pack!!!

Spy Catcher were let loose in January '09 and write songs that party as hard as they tug on your blackened heart strings. Within a fortnight of it's inception, 'Music That My Dad Likes' received Radio 1 Unsigned Track Of The Week and featured in Kerrang's 'Ten Songs You Should Hear Now'.

Since instantly selling out of their sought after demos, Spy Catcher have self produced their debut release. ‘We wanted to have control over this record and make it sound like us – no gimmicks or studio magic, it’s live, loud and honest.’ Their live shows are played as if each is their last and simply confirm the sincerity that can be heard on record.

If you haven't already heard this band, now's the time...trust! Spy Catcher embark on their UK tour August 5th & debut EP "Rock Is Cursed" drops shortly after on August 10th. To celebrate this release, the guys have kindly put up for grabs their very own Party Pack...

To be in with a chance of winning the Party Pack (includes signed EP, "Dentist" T'Shirt, Smokes poster) just send us an email titled Spy Catcher to the link below. Please add your name, age & contact telephone number. Nice & easy!!


- Please note, by entering this competition you are agreeing to enter our email newsletter.
- All information supplied will be safeguarded.