Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Fightstar Rock The Roundhouse

We caught Fightstar's breathtaking set at the iTunes Festival last week. The gig took place at The Roundhouse in Camden (surely the finest venue in London, if not the UK). In Case Of Fire pulled out and were replaced last minute by rising stars Young Guns. Fightstar's performance was all conquering however, as once again the band lay to rest all those who prefer to highlight Charlie's previous musical outfit.
The band are 3 albums in now, and latest album, "Be Special", is a career high by a long way! Their set tonight is pulled from all three albums and every song is played with unending enthusiasm. Far more heavy than anyone gives them credit for, they incite chaos throughout and it is hard to pick a highlight, though surely it has to go to recent single "The English Way" which is, in my eyes, their finest hour.
Forget what you've heard, ignore the Busted link and simply give this band a chance, they truly do deserve your time.

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