Monday, 20 July 2009

Fresh New Releases...

There's a slew of great records coming out over the next few weeks- All Time Low, Suicide Silence, Clutch, The Used, Poison The Well etc. The latest one to be doing a permanent rotation on my ipod is the new Set Your Goals album which is out today! It is literally amazing. Whilst every other pop punk band around at the moment is adding synth and generally leaning more towards the pop than the punk, SYG seem to have honed in their sound since their (also impressive) Mutiny album. The best thing about this is how much it reminds me of older pop punk bands like NOFX and Pennywise. It still maintains a pop sheen though, and there are some massive chorus' to sing along to and some big riffs to windmill to. The guest appearances on the record pretty much sum up the widespread appeal of the album/band. Vinne from Movielife (for all you fans that can remember emo before Fall Out Boy), Chad from New Found Glory and Hayley Williams, who drops in the most noticeable of the three with something close to rapping on The Few That Remain. This is the perfect Summer album from a band that have been on the cusp of breaking into the big league for a will. On the merit of this album, they deserve to, check them out!

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