Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Cheer Up! Clothing - Win A Signed Goody Bag!!!

To coincide with the arrival & launch of Cheer Up! Clothing at EBTM we decided to catch up with the guys responsible, Matt Barnes (You Me At Six) and Edward Thomas (Me And The Moon). This sweat-shop free brand combines top quality design and great music and is worn throughout by Hit The Lights, You Me At Six, The Spill Canvas, We Are The Ocean, My American Heart & More!!

The guys have also kindly offered a bundle of goodies to give away to one lucky winner (includes Cheer Up! Hoody, Tee, signed You Me At 6 poster & album). Great stuff, just read through the interview & answer the question at the end, nice & easy :)

Why Fashion and not something else? - Matt
We believe music and fashion go perfectly together. We really try to associate Cheer Up! with music we love and listen to ourselves. Being in bands ourselves, we are essentially the customer so we really feel we know how to appeal to the market perfectly.

How did it all start? Did you have a mega small budget? - Ed
We started the company on a budget of £500. Myself and Matt chipped in £250 each and decided thats all that we could afford. Being such good friends we had always spoken about running some sort of company with one another. Managing a clothing company is something we knew we would be good at so we went with it!

Did you / do you hold down other jobs? - Ed
We both try and give the company as much time as possible. We are both in bands and that alone is time consuming. As we spend so much of our free time together we find our selves working on the company even on a night out. We really do take Cheer Up seriously and consider it our 'Job' alongside from the music.

How Important is the internet to the success of the company? - Matt
Being a online based company that delivers means that anyone, anywhere can get hold of your products. We are able to talk to our customers, find out what they want and just connect with them. It makes things so much easier and really helps things along. Without the internet we would have had to go down a very different route, so as it stands, the internet is very important to the success of Cheer Up!

Most extravagant purchase since making it big in the clothing industry ? - Matt
I have bought the entire collection of Steven Segal DVDs and Ed is saving up for a bed. Exciting stuff!

Ok, so here's all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning the Cheer Up! Clothing & You Me At 6 signed goodies, just tell us the names of the two guys responsible for creating Cheer Up! Clothing. Just follow the competition link below, title your email Cheer Up! and leave your answer, age & contact telephone number.


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