Monday, 17 August 2009

H20 @ The Underworld - Review

I love a good hardcore show, and tonights performance has all the hallmarks of one. H2O are one of the longest running and most respected hardcore bands around. Running a slightly more melodic edge than many of their NYHC friends, they bring a healthy dose of hooks and positivity alongside the crunch and breakdowns you'd expect.

Playing a mix of tracks from their lenghty discography, the nicest thing about tonight is the brevity of the set. Often bands with such a big back catalogue feel the need to play gigs that sprawl out for an hour or more, so it's a pleasant change tonight to have a 45min set that is packed with energy and singalongs. A typically too cool london crowd is roused by two fans getting onstage for a wedding proposal and the appearance of Napalm Death's Barney Greenway for a frantic run through Nazi Punks Fuck Off. From then on, the crowd is in the bands hand, and a sea of stage dives is met with deafening chanting as the entire audience joins in on gang vocals that have influenced more bands than I could possibly name.

Words - Whispering Eye

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