Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A / Kids In Glass Houses @Islington Academy

Kids In Glass Houses have a tough one. Nothing like as hard as the crowd they fought against on the New Found Glory tour earlier this year, but whilst not voicing their dislike, the crowd here is far from receptive. A great shame as the Welsh boys put in a great performance. New tracks from that impending second album n particular sound massive and leave me very very excited for it's release.

Wow, now I remember excitably waiting for 'A' to take to the stage of the Barfly (back when it was at the Falcon in Camden. I was young then, and the members of "A" were certainly younger. It's a strange juxtaposition watching them tonight. Their music so full of youthful exuberance and enjoy the early years of your life now sounds bizzare being belted out by 5 men with families, kids and mortgages. "Old Folks" never sounded so true. That's not to say they put in a bad performance. Every song is as memorable and likeable as it was back then, but this does feel a bit like watching your dad rock out.

All this said, I still find myself singing along to hits such as Starbucks and the aforementioned Old Folks. And the aging crowd certainly lap it up. From the balcony, the sea of beer gut heavy balding men moshing like it's 1999 is strangely endearing as well as amusing!

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