Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Paranormal Activity

The new Blair Witch, the scariest film ever. the film that Steven Spielberg banned from his house. A hell of a lot has been said about this film already, so is it any good?!

Well, truth be told it's not a yes/no situation. What will make this film so chilling to some will make it mind numbingly boring to others. It's not about big scares or graphic violence, instead relying on small understated and (most importantly) near everyday events to bring it's chills.

It's the normality of these monents (doors moving slightly, bed sheets blowing up, thumos and bumps etc) that will have some struggluing with sleepless nights and others struggling to stay awake for the films duration.

I personally loved it and felt it only lost it's way at the very end when it does come closer to the physical violence of other more regular horror movies (I will say no more than that). Apparently this end is one of few, and by al accounts, the others sound far better. My opinion however could be easily dismissed or countered by others, and I would probably struggle to disagree. But that is always the way with films like this. Go, see it and make up your own mind, but if it does strike the right chord with you, you will probably be sleeping with one eye open for a long time.

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  1. Any film that sends a chill down my spine in the cinema has to be good. It wasn't amazing, but for the low budget I bet they had they did well. Plus the guy cracked me up a few times.

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