Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Destine/Eigth Wave @ Islington Bar Academy

Tonight is certainly not a night I would choose to go to. The fact that afterwards I spent more time discussing the fact that 80's legends Kiss are playng at the bigger (but not by much!) Academy venue next door speaks volumes about tonight. It's not that Destine aren't a good band- they definitely are- it's simply that I am far too old to be listening to it.

Before Destine though, I have to endure the horrible drivel that is Eigth Wave. Apparently an ex member of McFly is within their ranks. Even if this was a good thing (which it's not) it doesn't matter cause they are just shit.

Destine are from Holland. A stumbling block for european bands has always been the language difference. With the exception of a few bands, most never manage to break into the UK. Those that do tend to have a strong metal leaning- perhaps it's a sound that suits Europe? Certainly a pop punk band has never made it through. Destine are very much a pop punk band, sitting somewhere between the radio friendly buzz of Blink 182 and the kiddie pop of McFly. They know how to pen a tune, that's for sure. Each song in their set is like a sugar rush and, more obviously, is played with the kind of enthusiasm lacking from similar UK bands. The kids that are here (75-100) certainly seem to to be lapping it up, the bands slightly awkward English only adding to their charm. So can they make it over here? It's very hard to tell, if they do it will certainly be the first. They have the songs and they are a strong, tight live band. There's no doubting that they deserve a shot. As it always is though, it will ultimately come down to luck and the strength of the team around them.

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