Friday, 29 May 2009

Gallows Rock The Purple Turtle

So we were one of a few people lucky enough to head to the Gallows XFM show at the Purple Turtle last night. Having seen the band headline their biggest show ever only last week, it was going to be interesting to see how the did heading back to a grubby venue like the Purple Turtle. Quite simply, they killed it! I watched in awe as they ploughed through a set with a fairly even mix of songs from Orchestra Of Wolves and stunning new album Grey Britain. Frank seems on fine form - his between song banter and huge grin throughout the set suggests he's loving every second of being in the band, a relief as he did start to appear frustrated at the end of their last tour cycle. It's utter chaos from start to finish, as any Gallows show should be. One guys staggers out of the venue with an apparent dislocated shoulder, everyone else leaves smiling from ear to ear.
The fact that Gallows can still tear a small venue like this apart and, more importantly, clearly love doing so is testament to how important and brilliant a band they are. Let's hope they keep it up.

A mention should also go out to openers Sharks. Very much a buzz band at the moment, their update on the sound of the original wave of punk bands is exciting and refreshing. They have all the song writing suss of The Clash and the swagger of Mike Skinner, and it's brilliant!
IT's genuinely refreshing to see bands like Sharks, Gallows, Frank Turner and The King Blues that are so clearly proud to be British. If tonight's set is anything to go by, Sharks could well be reaching, and even surpassing, the success of all of their peers. Here's hoping!

Words by The Whispering Eye.

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