Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Madina Lake & The Audition - Gig Review

Madina Lake and The Audition
Camden Electric Ballroom
Friday 8th May

I arrive too late for The Yashin and Flood Of Red. The Yashin have never done anything for me to be honest, but I have heard good things about the rejuvenated Flood Of Red. They have been away for a long time, but word on the streets is that they are a force to be reckoned with. Roll on the new album for sure. The Audition are on storming form despite the mess around their label meaning they have done little to no press (one interview in Alaska according to singer Danny). The bands set is energetic as ever. Three albums in and their songs are just getting bigger and better. New album "Self Titled Album" is an absolute stormer even if you haven't read much about it!

Which leaves Madina Lake to tie the night up, and they do so in typical excitable style. The energy this band oozes is insane, both twins Matthew and Nathan are never still, in and out of the crowd and bounding around the stage endlessly as they storm through a set taken equally from their debut and new album, Attics To Eden. The kids lap it up of course, and if this crowd is anything to go by, this band have proved themselves on that awkward second album.

Review by "Whispering Eye".

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