Thursday, 11 June 2009

Billy Talent - Gig Review

So tonight is a busy old week- All American Rejects, Steadlur, Alexisonfire and Billy Talent are all in town doing shows. We opt for Billy Talent in the end, and it appears we've made a good choice.

Fresh from playing to 12,000 people in Europe, the band find themselves squeezed into the sweaty confines of the Underworld to thrash it out to a meagre 600 kids. Small numbers don't deter them however as they launch into a set of crowd favourites and songs from the soon to be released third album, cunningly titled III. New songs blend seamlessly into a set that includes classic tracks such as Red Flag and Try Honesty. The sound is perfect- loud but crisp, and the band are tight as anything, proving that 15 years in the game has paid off.

Just like any Billy Talent song on it's own, the whole set is a relentlessy energetic spectacle that hits you like a wall. The simple fact is they don't play bad shows. Tonight is proof of that. As sweaty kids spill out of the venue, we are left excited for the new album and their sure to be great set at Download.

Bring it on!

Words by Whispering Eye.

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