Friday, 19 June 2009

The Voluntary Butler Scheme - Gig Review

So, last night EBTM went out to see The Voluntary Butler Scheme at Start The Bus in Bristol. Once again we were blown away. Rob Jones is not only the most loveable person we have ever met but the most technically gifted musician and writer of heartwarming, real life lyrics that we have experienced. Shy and unassuming as Rob is, The Voluntary Butler Scheme is the biggest noise you will ever hear from one man.
For anyone who hasn't experienced VBS here's how it goes. Rob, combined with sequencer and every other instrument available to man, creates a sound akin to Arcade Fire. On his own. But with better lyrics.
We recommend you check out The Voluntary Butler Scheme. Just don't stay out past bedtime and come to work feeling really, really rubbish…………..

Words By Whiney Crackhouse.

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