Thursday, 11 June 2009

Download - We'll See You There!

The time has come, finally! This w'end EBTM will be heading to Download Festival, so expect a full review next week. One thing's for sure, this years bill is so much stronger than last years. Offspring headlining?! Bad news! - but this time around It's looking strong. Ok, so the weather is debatable, but with returning sets from Faith No More and a certain nu metal band alongside a bill that really does give a nod to the metal roots of the festival, it's set to be an absolute stormer.

Who will we be watching? Well, the UK new school is well represented in Bring Me The Horizon, The Blackout, You Me At Six, Architects, Blackhole, We Are The Ocean, Twin Atlantic, Young Guns and Outcry Collective. We're also expecting some classic sets from Journey, ZZ Top, Whitesnake and Def Leppard. Who will be the best of the 90's metal act- our money is on Bizkit getting the best response, but Slipknot beating them, Korn and Manson as the best of the bunch. Oh, and of course there is that Faith No More reunion set?! Good, good times! Can't wait!

We'll see you all there. x

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