Monday, 28 September 2009

Blackhole - Dead Hearts Album Review

Before you check this album out, two things you should know - 1) ignore the baby Gallows accusations. Yes, Frank and Steph's little brother Rick is the singer. No, it does't mean they are a clone. Like Gallows, they share an angry disposition and some of the best riffs anyone has delivered in years, but they have more in common with the likes of Everytime I Die and Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster. They sound like a good time rock and roll band with the mother of all Hangovers.

2) Believe every single bit of good press you have read about them, 'cause it's all true and this album proves it!

Dead Hearts delivers on every level. From the skittering drums that open the adrenaline blast that is opening track Don't Cry, to the monstrous chorus of Scared To Change, these songs are monolithic pissed off beast and they are awesome. In the best possible way they make you want to punch the person nearest you in the face.

Two things really stand out on this album. Firstly, Rick's voice. He is in possesion of the most incredible of gutteral howls that belies his age and the fact he doesn't smoke. His range is also impressive, making every scream seem effortless and in no way force.

The other thing that stands out is the riffs! Fuck me, the riffs, and the solo's! They sound like they are played by giants with skyscrapers for speaker stacks. I can't remember the last time I heard an album with so many riffs that left me grinning from ear to ear.

This album is massive and deserves to be recognised. It would be a crying shame for it to get lost in the mix of sub standard UK metal acts around right now. So pick up a copy, tell your friends and spread the word.

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