Monday, 28 September 2009

The Used/We Are The Ocean/Hexes - Gig Review

I arrive at the electric ballroom just in time to catch the last few songs of Hexes set and I'm gutted to have missed the rest if it, as they seem to have grown from a band that perhaps sounded a bit to much like their obvious influences to one that has found a sound of their own. Singer Dan Carter, now with caveman esque beard is an engaging and watchable frontman as he barks his way through their final few songs.

Sadly their joyfully rowdy noise falls on flat ears, as the audience stands static and indifferent. I was hoping they would snap into life for We Are The Ocean, but sadly, this doesn't seem to be the case. Regardless, WATO put on their usually incredible show. This band are so good and it's about time more people realise this. Storming through a set of songs lifted from their upcoming debut album along with a few old favourites, they have managed to move beyond the obvious Alexis elements of their sound and now possess a more aggressive, metallic sound, almost verging on Everytime I Die territory. Singer Dan is, as always, a ball of energy with his trademark whipping of his mic lead. Second singer Liam, meanwhile, surely possesses one of the strongest voices around. An aching croon that it is impossible not to love. A shame the majority of the audience here seem to care so little.

The Used just seem tired. Being honest, I leave early on, but purely cause it saddens me to see a band that I once loved and found exciting fall somewhere between bland and plain bad. Early hits bring out a few glimmers of the vitriolic sets of years gone by, but a babbling Bert McCracken and his wavering voice sees me heading for the door. A great shame.

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