Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The Lostprophets Tour 2009

For three days this week I have been out on the road with Lostprophets. Jumping in the Young Guns van on Tuesday morning, we make our way up to Manchester, with Jurassic Park playing on the tv's in the van. When we arrive at the Manchester academy, the site of the venue blows our minds. A giant cavernous room, the guys in Young Guns are visibly in awe of the prospect of todays show. Lostprophets however, roll through the motions of soundchecks like the consumate professionals they are.

Young Guns take to the stage a mere 15 minute after the doors have opened, but it appears they have risen to the challenge. Tearing into opener Dean On Arrival, it's clear they are on form. A short set sees them warm the crowd up perfectly.

Next up are The Dead Formats, who are a brilliant band, but sadly stick out a bit on this bill. Playing music far closer to what Lostprophets probably listen to than the music they play. As a result, they are met with a less than supportive crowd who display there displeasure vocally. This is sad as, despite some technical issues, they really are a great band.

Lostprophets take to the stage to a deafening cheer from the crowd. The venue is hotter than a sauna. Opening with a new song that is sadly lost in a wall of noise, they proceed to plough through an hour and a half set of classics along with four new songs. Of the new songs, a slower number, with a epic chorus stands out the most. They close with a pounding one two of "Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja" and "Burn Burn". Whilst clearly showing a bit of rust having not played for a year, they make it plainly obvious they are back.

Day two sees us at the Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall, a huge a beautiful venue. Dead Formats open tonight and it's a billing that works a lot better as they go down far better than the night before. Tonight sees Young Guns play the best set I have ever seen them play. The crowd are in the palm of Singer Gus' hand as he gets the clapping, bouncing and singing along en masse!

Lostprophets play an absolute stormer tonight, clearly haven shaken off any of the rust they showed yesterday. Their set is similar to the one they played the night before, though giving a little more room to their earlier material. Opening with "everyday Combat" definitely sees them playing a much more exciting set than the night before. The arrival of members of Kids In Glass Houses and The Blackout to the stage for a rowdy run through of Burn Burn sees them close the set on a perfect high.

Thursday sees us in Newport for something of a hometown show for Prophets. The venue is an odd one- the hall of a leisure centre where most of the audience are seated.

Tonight once again Dead Formats open the show and again the response is great. They really are an awesome band, and probably the sharpest dressed band around. Check them out.

Young Guns are once again on form tonight. Their sound is perfect, and again the crowd lap it up.

Tonight is all about Prophets though. From the opening song to their staple closer Burn Burn, they have their hometown crowd lapping up every note they play. filming for a video, they pull out all the stops, and it pays off. It's an incredible end to a great three shows. Roll on Reading!

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