Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Brand New/Glassjaw/Thrice

I'm gutted to miss Thrice, especially as I hear more and more people rant about their brilliance and how they stole the show from both Brand New and Glassjaw.

Glassjaw are an odd band. They always have been, and I think they always will be. The problem is, they were once a unified band also. These days there is next to no communication between the band members. This once brilliant and frenetic live band are now replaced with three static musicians and an eccentric singer who seems to be in a world of his own throughout their set. Yes, they play classics, and yes as the musicianship is flawless, but Glassjaw used to possess a pure aggression that left you wanting to scream at the person next to you. Sadly this appears to be entirely lacking these days. Credit to them, even without this vital energy they are still a good live band, but at no point is their set even in danger of getting close to the legendary shows scenesters of old whsiper of. A real shame.

Whereas Glassjaw's time seems to be running out, it would appear that Brand New are going from strength to strength. They can, it seems, do no wrong. The fact that they released the brilliant, yet ultimately massively uncompromising Daisy album last year (the closest thing a band has come to "doing an In Utero" since Nirvana themselves did) and yet be playing Wembley is beyond belief. This bold feat doesn't seem to have dampen their constant decision not to play ball. Anyone expecting a grandiose production would be dissapointed, insteading being met with a typically introverted band and a backdrop of jarring, bizarre and often discomforting images flashed up behind them. It's this absolute unwillingness to compromise that makes me love this band so much, and I can't help but love tonight regardless of the fact that the band seem to play with almost mild disinterest throughout. It also helps that they possess an arsenal of songs that most bands would sell their instruments for. They even dip into their debut later in the set for a few choice "upbeat" numbers.

Undoubtedly many will have left tonight duissapointed, and I suspect I would agree with all theor reason for being so let down, but for me, those reasons only compound my love for the band, leaving me loving every second of their show tonight.

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