Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Lostprophets- The Betrayed

This album became a borderline Chinese Democracy case, with the loyal waiting years for it to arrive. Ironically, the plan was to turn around this album quickly after Liberation Transmission. Cue some often mentioned fall outs with producers and the band decided to DIY it and get stuck in themselves. Credit to them for this- Prophets have never been a band afraid to take risks and make bold steps. Motives and cred aside, is it any good?

My initial reaction was a disappointment, and even after repeat listens, it still feels like the album starts not with two songs that lack the bombast and instant brilliance that their other albums have had from start to finish. Delve deeper though and there are indeed some little gems tucked away here. Certainly towards the end of the album, things pick up hugely as their band spread their wings and embrace their varied influences. And trust me, those influences are definitely varied. From the dark cold brooding NIN esque closer, to streets of sorrow with it's bouncy Jam sounding verses and right through to the RATM aping Dstryr/dstryr, there is plenty of variety and, given time, there is plenty to love too.

So for a band largely known for their huge choruses and brazen big sing alongs, Lostprophets long waited comeback is easily their least accessible album to date. Admittedly it doesn't quite hit the dizzy highs of their Start Something album, but it does feel like an album that a band have put their heart and souls into and given time it will warm yours too.

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