Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Swellers- Ups And Downsizing

I think I may be a little late to the game on these guys and man do I feel stupid for not picking up on them sooner. This album is a belter.

From the amthemnic opening riffs of 2009 I was hooked. Very close to Gaslight Anthem, but with a bit more beef, they are a revelation, especially as they are on Fueled By Ramen- I guess their is money in Springsteen-esque, Americana drenched rock these days. Still there's more to The Swellers than this. The band wield a sound that owes as much to post hardcore types such as Hot Water Music, By A Thread and Grade as it does to the Boss.

In opener 2009 and single Fire Away, they have songs worthy of daytime radio play. Sleeper is even better with a chorus that rides on a deliriously brilliant start stop riff.

Undounbtedly set to 'do a Gaslight' in 2010, I guess it's not quite time to throw out those check shirts!

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