Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Sherlock Holmes

This had the definite chance to be terrible. Faux Cockney wideboy and loudmouthed yank Robert Downey Jnr teaming up to create a film around a distinctly traditional London hero. Amazingly, it made Jude Laws presence the most reassuring thing about the project.

There was of course the chance for it to be brilliant- RDJ is fast becoming one of the great actors of our time, and Mr Ritchie certainly knows his way around an action movie, so he's more than capable of giving Sherlock Holmes the bobast needed to make sure kids of the 21st Century give a shit.

So how did it turn out- brilliant in fact! Guy Ritchie has toned down his Laaaandan-isms and Downey is utterly engaging as a wise cracking Holmes, and whilst the movie is by no means a classic, it whips along at a good pace and is never short of entertaining.

Most importantly, it also feels like it's just setting the scene, with the scope for sequels left wide open which, as it turns out, is a very exciting prospect.

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