Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Japanese Voyeurs/Sharks @ Camden Barfly

It appears to be a big night for Sharks. Lots of industry are down to catch a glimpse of this hotly tipped band. It's been a few months since I saw them last and they sound like a different band. Not that they were bad before, but it is so obvious that they have obviously focussed a lot on the writing of their songs. In fact, it's recent single Common Grounds that stands out to me as the weakest moment. Again this is not to say that that blistering little number is weak, just that every other track is a brilliant yobby anthem. Definitely keep your eyes on this lot.

Japanese Voyeurs are another hot tip. Sounding like something that crawled out of Seattle in the early 90's, they sit at odds with what most bands are playing right now. No bad thing, especially as grunge is certainly due a comeback. The only thing I struggle with is their lack of memorable tunes. The great grunge bands worked because amidst all the drone and sludgy chugging riffs there were massive memorable songs. On tonights evidence, Japanese Voyeurs are lacking this, but they are young and there is time.

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