Friday, 12 February 2010

All Time Low/The Blackout/Young Guns/My Passion.

This was the second of a two night stand at Camden's beautiful Roundhouse for the 2010 Kerrang Relentless Tour.

My Passion are a band that, being honest, are just not my cup of tea. I get 100% why 15 year old kids with badly applied eyeliner love them, but I guess I am just too old to by into the goth angst they pedal. Bearing this in mind, I expected to be bored or worse still, dismayed, with them tonight, but truth be told they put in a performance that at least raised my respect for them. They will never be my cup of tea, but I will say that they are very good at what they do.

Young Guns are 100% my cup of tea and tonight they are on top form. Entering to the sound of the venue chanting their name, they own tonight from the start. Ploughing through a set of songs that will soon form their eagerly awaited new album, it's easy to understand why they are the hot tip for 2010.

The Blackout have already done the groundwork and by God does it show. I genuinely don't think there is a tighter, more entertaining live band doing the circuit currently. With a stage show that sees them stepping it up a level too, they are simply huge and leave All Time Low with big boots to fill.

Thankfully, the Baltimore pop punk kings are no novices themselves, and regardless, the crowd is ripe for them, screaming back every word to every song. The first thing you notice is that, actually, these guys are very very accomplished musicians. Unlike so many other bands in the genre, singer Alex can actually sing, and in the brief acoustic interlude he goes ones further and displays a voice that is both powerful and fragile at the same time. Their set is still slightly marred by filler- a problem I feel their albums suffer from to, but with one more album under their belts, there is every possibility of these guys doing a "Blink". If it happens, it would be well deserved.

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