Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Lower Than Atlantis - Far Q

Wow, talk about change- last time I heard this lot they were very much on the southern rock, ETID bandwagon that a bizarre amount of UK bands seemed to be invovled in. Now they sound closer to alt rock heroes Small Brown Bike or Hot Water Music, and they are a million times better.

From the frantic opening of lead track Far Q, this is an incredible listen. Each song a blend of gruff vocals delivered with honesty and passion, searing guitars and gut punching drums. It's impressive stuff, most obviously when they lock into one of many melodic refraims that will no doubt be chanted back at them at future live shows. The easy charm of songs such as "Taping Songs Off The Radio" deserves to heard by more than just the UK scene kids.

Genuinely, I had little to no interest in this band until I heard this album. It's a complete reinvention that is definitely welcome and if there is justice in this world will seem them making a lot of new friends.

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