Friday, 26 February 2010

Festivals of 2010

Well, 2010 already looks like a good year for festivals. The past few years, the market has been horribly over flowing with festivals, meaning few managed to pull together a bill of any quality, let alone anything exclusive.

Already 2010 seems to be different, with most of rocks big hitters making festival appearances. To have AC/DC, Aerosmith, RATM, Iron Maiden, Pearl Jam, Eminem, Muse, Rammstein etc all playing is quite an incredible thing, and that's just the headliners. There's still more to be annouced also. Sonisphere has one more headliner to go (surely got to be Metallica to complete the line up of the big 4 of thrash?!) Not to mention that we haven't heard a peep from Reading Festival yet. Blink 182 have been strongly rumoured as one of the headliners (a pretty sure bet as their tour dates surround the Reading weekend perfectly. Beyond them, there's talk of Foo Fighters and Guns And Roses, but those seem less certain with Grohl firmly in Them Crooked Vultures world and Axl Rose just being an unpredictable diva!

Regardless, this summer is set to be great and I personally can't wait. Last year, Download was a huge success, but Sonisphere was still finding it's feet and Reading/Leeds and pretty much every other festival veered too far down the indie route. This year, it would appear that rock is truly back. Going to be a big one, so pack that tent, sleeping bag and crate of beer and I'll see you in the fields!

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