Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Enter Shikari/The King Blues/Rolo Tomassi @ Hammersmith Apollo.

The reception Rolo Tomassi are greeted with tonight is polite at best, certainly the biggest cheer goes up when they announce their last song. To be honest, it's not to be expected as their ultra intense and scatty mix of yelping, screaming, crunching guitars and hyper beats is not the most instant of sounds. Given time though, you pull out the intricacies of their songs and discover the moments that make them so great. As a live band they are great- all jolting movements and flailing arms as singer Eva Spence dances around the stage almost trance like. The kids will catch on soon.

The King Blues are welcomed far more warmly. In recent months they have become very close with the Enter Shikari crew, and clearly the fans recognise this. Their set is faultless, from the unabashed joy exuded in songs such as My Boulder to the inspired cover of Bonkers, they play like headliners and the crowd laps it up.

Any fear of Shikari being upstaged are banished at the sight of their immense light show- a set up so big it almost tour the roof off a venue in Blackpool. It's a visual feast, but not one that for a second upstages ES performance. As they rip through a set taken from both albums, it's clear they are on fire. a year + of constant touring latest album "Common Dreads" has given the band time to flesh out the songs from it they play so they fit seamlessly alongside earlier cuts. It's an incredible set to watch, both visually and sonically it is awesome and the band exude energy and charm throughout exampling exactly why four normal guys from St. Albans have managed to come so far. Hats off to them.

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