Friday, 6 November 2009

3OH!3 @ Electric Ballroom

What can I say about tonight. I went into it with something between utter indifference and straight up contempt for 3oh!3. Their geeky white rap has infuriated me since I first heard them. It's not even what they do or the style of music the play, more that I just don't think they are actually very good at their genre of choice.

Tonight goes someway to proving my previous feelings, but at the same time I find myself entertained and even enjoying the hour set. How?! Well, quite simply, a lot of the charm with this bands comes with the fact that they are not all that good. They are two underwhelming, white guys who in the quaint naffness somehow become charming and a joy to watch. Silly choreographed dance moves and big beats find me laughing and nodding my head. Other people are losing their minds to every song.

So where does it leave me? Well, I don't think I will be putting the record on anytime soon, much less buying it, but given the chance to see them again, I won't be pulling the same faces I did this time around. In fact, I might just go out of my way to be there!

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