Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Cancer Bats @ Brixton Academy

I miss the wonderful Canterbury tonight, which I am a little saddened about as their debut album (currently free to download from their myspace- I suggest you do so), is a belter.

Tonight for me is all about Cancer Bats. I love Billy Talent also, but on a Sunday evening I opt for an early one and head after the Bats storm Brixton!

It's an awkward start for the Liam Cormier and co. as guitarist Scobe's guitar fails to kcik in, dragging on their grand entrance. Ever the proffesionals, it is barely noticeable, and as the punishing opening riff of Hail Destroyer spills out, it is all forgotten. What follows is, by any other band sstandards a stormer of a set, but by Cancer Bats', it is merely good. It's by no means their fault as a painfully static audience refuses to respond to Liam's good time baiting banter and the band's monstrous songs. Their loss really as songs such as pneumonia hawk and a massive Lucifers Rocking Chair are undeniably brilliant perfectly combining crushing metal riffs with good time rock and roll vibes. New song Darkness, is a stormer too and bodes well for their iminent third album. It strays little from their tried and tested musical path, but then like AC/DC, why change what is perfect already?!

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