Tuesday, 3 November 2009

I arrive too late to catch opening band, The Friday Night Boys, already picking up a huge buzz in the States, judging by how busy their merch stall is they will be doing the same over here very soon.

The Audition are a band that need no introductions to the UK audience having toured here heavily for years. They've picked up a huge following from these repeated tours and it's displayed in the love they receive tonight. A shame then that the sound is so patchy, making it hard to pick out the brilliantly catchy choruses they are known for. Singer Danny's voice still shines through though and the crowd lap it up.

All Time Low are hot shit in the states. Right now it would appear that only Paramore match them for the adoration they receive from the teen pop punk masses over there. It's certainly starting to build over here too. The venue is utterly rammed, and the reception they receive as they hit the stage is deafening. They are often accused of taking all their cues from Blink 182 and between song banter and way around a catchy 3 minute pop tune could certainly supports this, but honestly they add a level of charm and genuine musical ability that banishes such accusations. Recent single Weightless and earlier hit Dear Maria stand out above all, but honestly there isn't a weak moment throughout their set, and the crowd here know it. Every chorus is sung back at full volume by the young crowd, and with the announcement that the band will be back in January on the Kerrang tour, it's a safe bet that they will be repeating their stateside success on these shores, and justly so!

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