Monday, 30 November 2009

Top 5 films of 2009...

1) Where The Wild Things Are- I haven't even seen this and I know already that it is going to be my film of the year. The children's book it is based on was one of my favourite books as a child, and word is that the film only enhances everything that made that book so great. Can't wait for it!

2) Let The Right One In- so close to being my film of the year. In a time where everyone is jumping on the vampire bandwagon, this beautifully quaint and yet darkly sinister film showed the Robert Pattisons of the world how it should be done. Combining elements of horror, romance and coming of age, it is an achingly beautifully shot and brilliantly acted film.

3) Role Models- 2009 was the year that the world got bored of Seth Rogen. Comedy was a tough sell this year, but this laugh out loud, foul mouthed film managed to hit the spot nicely. Generic as they come, the plot was simple and the character arcs predictable, but in Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott (in a massive return to form) they found two actors with the timing and bite to allow the film to transcend it's basic plot.

4) District 9- the surprise hit of the Summer. Whilst Michael Bay was managing to to miss the mark hugely with the second installment in his Transformer series, this turned out to be the little film that could. Unknown director, unknown cast and a completely original but barmy premise, only Peter Jackson's involvement in this suggesting it could be anywhere near as great as it was. Boy was he on the money though!

5) The Hangover- the only other comedy to really hit the spot for me this year. Crude, potty mouthed and brilliant, it was a laugh a minute hoot that made the myriad of Summer Blockbuster stinkers variable. It's also catapulted it's cast into the limelight, and rightly so as each actor created a character unique and watchable in his role.

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