Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Fightstar @ Shepherds Bush Empire

Tonight's bill is as eclectic as it comes. It's also nice to see a UK band bringing out and supporting 3 other UK acts (four if you include Deaf Havana that have also been on select dates of this tour).

Prego open the day and go down a treat with a set of empassioned rock that whilst still not perhaps quite holding enough character to see them reach to Fightstar's level of success just yet, but does still display a depth of snogwriting lost on so many other bands around at the moment.

Young Guns need no introductions, as they have spent the last six months building a big name for themselves and tonights showing proves it is deserved, with a almighty wall of death and big songs seeing them warm the crowd up perfectly.

Saving Aimee are just not very good. In fact, maybe that's unfair, they just play music that I can't stand, and judging by the reception they receive, neither can the audience.

Fightstar, however, are on top form. They come out all guns blazing in full halloween garb, and pile through a set of hits that has their adoring crowd in fits. For me it is tracks from their latest album such as "Mercury Summer" and "Englsih Way" that really hit the spot, displaying perfectly where the band should be headed. They've proved their metal cred these days, and so can now just work on creating more songs as achingly brilliant as these.

The set feels short, but only in the best possible way, and as the band leave the stage triumphant after their biggest London show to date, it leaves me feeling very proud of the state of the UK music scene.

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