Monday, 30 November 2009

...And the biggest film letdowns of 2009...

1) Transformers 2- wow! Boy, did they fuck this one up. The critics cries about the first be a bold brash and quality lacking explosion of a movie actually pointed to why this series could be so great. It was never about depth of character and evolving plotlines, it was a fun, dumb action movie, and all the better for it. The second movie is bigger and bolder, so where does it go wrong. Well, it would almost appear that the critics gripes got to the creators as the try to carve out a complicated storyline that aims to add a level of depth to the series, but sadly derails it. Pointless plot twist that make no sense and a complete mish mash of ideas turn this film in to a car wreck of a movie.

2) Terminator Salvaion- You know, I'm gonna put this out there. This film was not as bad as everyone said it was, but it did certainly fall short of what it could have been. Ironically, the biggest contributor to it's failings is Christian Bale, the one person who gave the films fanbase faith when word of peoples invovlement came to light. He puts in the most wooden performance in a long time, admittedly probably not help by the dire script. By no means a bad movie, it is just plainly average where it could have been great.

3) Wolverine- Now this film truly stank. Bad special effects, a stupid plot, awful script and dire acting, there is nothing redeeming about this film. A shame as Wolverine is easily one of the most interesting comic book characters created. Huge shame.

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