Thursday, 26 November 2009

Minnie Birch @ Elixir

This is another little band that I'm sure none of you have heard this band, which is a real shame. OK, so they are not the sort of thing I am usually plugging, but they are too good not to talk about. Sitting in a pub watching them perform as part of some sort of open mic night, it makes me realise how criminal it is that they are not playing to a packed room. Sitting somewhere between the proud british youth sound of Kate Nash or even Lily Allen and strong female alternative artists such as Ani Difranco and Tegan And Sara, this duo are simply brilliant. It's a rare thing that someone can pen such openly honest songs about love and heartbreak without sounding contrived or corny, but every song they play (perfectly) tonight somehow adds a new, very relatable, slant to everyday tales of matters of the heart. They do a great cover too! Check them out-, you won't regret it.

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