Friday, 27 November 2009

Top 5 albums of 2009

1) Architects- Hollow Crown. At a time when I find myself caring less and less about metal, this album sticks out like a sore thumb, quite simply because it is incredible. An undeniable step up from a band that have always held promise, this is to me a perfect metal album.

2) Biffy Clyro- Only Revolutions. It's almost too easy for this to be in my top 5, and that's kind of the joy of it- this band can do know wrong. They are the perfect mix of angular muso friendly noise and brilliant pop melodies.

3) Twin Atlantic- Vivarium. The Scots are clocking them up for sure. Twin are new to the game, but judging by this short but sweet mini album, they are already world beaters.

4) The Ghost Of A Thousand- ..................... It takes a brave band to take a sound that every critic seems to love and cast it aside for something new, but then TGOAT have always been about going the hard way, so this doesn't surprise in the slightest. An album full of sweaty mosh friendly anthems. More people should pay attention.

5) Jay Z- The Blueprint 3. A surprise for me how much I love this album. I've always loved a bit of Jay Z, but he's never been a favourite artist of mine. So it speak of the quality of this album that I still listen to it constantly.

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