Monday, 16 November 2009

Biffy Clyro @ Brixton Academy

Wow! Biffy overload on the blog today. Sorry, but there was no way this show wasn't getting a mention- it blew my mind. Looking at the stage set up as I walked in, it was obvious the band are out to impress, and impress they did. A towering light show and a truly deafening PA create a monolithic size to tonight's set. Like Muse, this is made all the more exciting by the fact that Biffy Clyro are just 3 men, yet create such an incredible cacophony of noise. But a beuatiful noise it is. As is usual with them, the set takes heavily from last album Puzzle and newie Only Revolutions. This is fine of course, as it means we are treated to a slew of monster tracks that could read like a greatest hits for most other bands- Bubbles, Captain, That Golden Rule, Mountains, Born On A Horse, Saturday Night Superhouse, Get Fucked Stud, Love Has A Diameter... I could go on. Realistically, with that many incredible songs to pick from, this band are never going to be anything short of great. Tonight though they are truly awe-inspiring. And as the huge throng of people pile out into the cold Brixton night, everyone knows they have seen something truly special.

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